7 September, 2008


Hello !!!
Glad to let you know that I’ve moved my blogfolio to my own website hosting which now allows me to have full design customization. So please if you had this address for any reason visit for the my latest posts.


This is so far the funniest piece of work during this year.
Barclays Coo Teaser is a internal teaser to show all Barclays Branches the new Barclays Commercial materials for 2008. All the elements (spaceships) were created in arrow shape to keep the arrows identity elements from other barclays commercial pieces. Some say that they look like erotic crafts. Who knows?

Fully illustrated and animated by Leo Lebkuchen.
After effects compiling by Martin Aberdeen.  

Click in the image above to see the animation.


Barclays Online Ad

31 May, 2008

Online banner for Barclays Commercial.
Click on the banner to see the Flash version.

Logica City is a fully flash website. The city was created on photoshop using loads of different photos which part of them I took by myself. The idea for this website is to show the different segments of Logica business in a different and exciting way making easier to recruit new high qualified professionals. This is 20% of the website project which is currently in stand-by. Hopefully we will see the final one soon.

Siemens Apprenticeships was my first piece at Barkers Digital (Nov 2007) as a freelancer. The challenge was to create the layout in two days for initial client approval and then have a bit more time for flash animation and other bits. The target was students between 16/18 years old so I decided to go for a funky colorful style. The layout also follows the Fibonacci guidelines from Siemens.

To visit the live website click at the image above.

ThinktoProtect is a microsite for the Home Office Security Services. The microsite is following the same graphical style of the print campaign. This was a really nice campaign to work with.


ISA – Home Office

31 May, 2008

Website based in a Print campaign. Simulating office table with some documents to go through and discover more information about the different available roles.